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Our Market Research Credentials

1. Direct Market Research Experience

The Tower Omnibus Survey is a market research survey which can be sponsored by a number of clients who do not share the same data but who buy access to a survey and questions to meet their individual needs. This multi client survey runs regularly among samples that are nationally representative of the general public in the Cayman Islands. The survey is normally carried out via telephone but can be conducted via focus groups or face to face if required.

2. Technically Qualified

Effective market research requires two key competencies; first, marketing expertise, which brings an advanced knowledge of consumer behaviour andclients' strategic marketing needs and secondly, technical expertise in the area of statistics and analysis.

We have 5 professionally qualified marketing professionals and 2 highly qualified economists on our team.

3. Hands-on Marketing Experience

Tower Marketing has also provided marketing services to more than 200 clients over the years and this hands-on experience has contributed to ourextensive knowledge of local consumer behaviour and marketing practices.

Contact us now at 623-6710 or e-mail and find out how theTower Omnibus Survey can help your organisation to succeed.

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