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What is the Tower Omnibus Survey?

The Tower Omnibus Survey is a market research survey which can be sponsored by a number of clients who do not share the same data but who buy access to a survey and questions to meet their individual needs. This multi client survey runs regularly among samples that are nationally representative of the general public in the Cayman Islands. The surveyis normally carried out via telephone but can be conducted via focus groups or face to face if required.

In addition to the questions purchased by clients the survey also includes a set of core demographic questions (such as age, gender, size ofhousehold, education level etc). These questions provide a valuable framework to help clients understand the answers to their questions (for e.g. "30% of those who thought customer service was a high priority were males", or "the majority of respondents who read Publication x lived in large households" etc).

Clients who purchase multiple surveys with similar questions will also get the added service of comparative analysis of the responses across each quarter (at no extra cost).

Getting the information you need, while keeping costs low

Unlike tailor-made research, the Tower Omnibus Survey includes questions for more than one client. This means that clients with relatively short questionnaires can get access to high quality research, without incurring the full costs of setting up an entire survey.


Each client owns their own results which are based on the questions that they purchased in the survey, and Tower goes to considerable lengths toensure absolute confidentiality. The only information that is shared in the survey is the demographics questions which are asked of each respondent during the survey.

Reliable Results

At Tower we understand that ultimately the value of a survey relies on its effectiveness and its integrity. Tower Omnibus Surveys are based on asample which is representative of the Cayman Islands population and the procedures for our entire research process, ranging from identification of initial sample to actual questioning and analysis, is closely monitored.

The Timing of our Surveys

Our normal omnibus survey ('Tower Omnibus Standard') is carried out in March and September each year. But additional surveys can be carried out more frequently if required by clients.

Contact us now at 623 6710 or e-mail and find out how theTower Omnibus Survey can help your organisation to succeed.

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