How well do you know your

The Tower Consumer Survey is the only independent, verified consumer research survey in the Cayman Islands.
Containing the most up-to-date consumer behaviour data available, the Tower Consumer Survey is your opportunity to gain valuable insights on where and how to reach your audience and develop an informed understanding of what drives consumers in
the Cayman Islands.

○ Locally specific

○ Consumer behavior

○ Detailed demographics

○ Valuable insights

We’ve spoken to the people.

We've got the data.

Ever wondered what type of device is the most widely used to access the internet? Or how people really find local businesses in Cayman?
Understanding what your customers use most to communicate, what radio stations they listen to and what they buy locally and online, can help you target your business’s marketing and sales efforts more effectively.
The Tower Consumer Survey is a rich source of consumer behaviour data in key areas including:
Want to get your hands on this data? We’ve collated our findings and prepared a user-friendly survey package especially for you. The 2022 Tower Consumer Survey is now available for purchase.

Got your own questions?

To ensure that our data is current and relevant, The Tower Consumer Survey is kept up-to-date with new survey sessions scheduled regularly.
Need some verified primary consumer research to help your brand make informed business decisions? With each new survey, we offer limited opportunities to include customised questions specific to your business or brand. Submit your questions for our next round of survey sessions.
Get in touch to find out more about our upcoming surveys and opportunities.

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